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Bradley Capatch, Mechanical, EIT  -- brad.capatch@kentengineering.com

Curriculum Vitae:

Mechanical Engineer In Training with experience in failure analysis, process engineering, corrosion engineering, product design in manufacturing and construction industries. Research and development of heavy lift equipment, including weld development and mechanical systems. Experienced in forensics in the maritime (large and small diesel engines), construction defects (HVAC, plumbing, structural), crane and heavy equipment, piping systems, product defects, recreational equipment, and power industries (registered Washington EIT)


Forensic Engineering and Design – Project Management, Testing and Failure Analysis
Kent Engineering, LLC - Tukwila, WA (2012 - present) Mechanical EIT

Registered EIT- Failure analysis/inspection of materials and components used in manufacturing of products. Forensic investigations include materials testing and failure analysis of metallic, rubber, and plastic components and construction defect analysis in plumbing and mechanical systems. Forensics in the maritime, plumbing, heavy equipment, boilers, construction defects, piping, recreational equipment, diesel engines, cathodic protection; water, sewer; and storage tank systems (potable water, gas,  and wastes); and construction equipment. Simulations of various systems, including; residential plumbing systems, tanks and heaters, bicycles, etc. 

Coating Systems-Installation & Management

College Works Painting, Tacoma/Puyallup, WA (2011): Branch Manager (Internship)
Define and select materials for corrosion resistant applications on commercial and residential buildings. Managed installation of coating systems and performed business management operations Marketing planning and implementation, training, estimating.

Academia-College/University: Assistant Professor/Tutor & Instructor

Pierce College, Puyallup/Steilacoom, WA (2008-2010):  Physics Instructional Assistant; assist in lecture and labs, host study sessions; assist in tutoring, prepare practice exams. Math Instructional Tutor;at two campus locations; Exam preparation, homework assistance.

University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2012-2013: Mechanical Engineering, ME406, Instructional Assistant:
Presented documentation engineering review to senior and graduate level forensic engineering class. Assisted in evaluating engineering students and grading midterm exams, research papers and final exams.

Landscape Design, Maintenance and Installation
Living Waters, Edgewood, WA (2003-2010):
Landscape design assistance, installed and maintained water features and grounds, business management of store, water quality and maintenance of water features.


  •         Fork lift fork fracture analysis
    • Ultrasonic testing
    • Magnetic particle testing
    • Florescent magnetic particle testing
    • Radiographic testing
  •         Ferry diesel engine corrosion/degradation and analysis
    • MIC Testing
    • Ultrasonic Testing
    • 3D scanning/modeling
  •          Ferry hull repair weld inspection and failure analysis
  •          Shipping barge post-fire analysis
  •          Fork cheek plate weld repair
  •          Tank baffle support failure analysis
  •          Carbon fiber composite bike steer tube failure analysis
  •          Concrete floor failure and structural soundness analysis
  •          MRI room floor failure analysis
  •          Temporary, fiberglass cooling tower leg support failure
  •          ASSHTA HS-20 Loading compliance compression testing
  •          PEX plumbing system analysis
    • Fitting composition analysis
    • Simulations (long term and short term)
    • FEA analysis
    • NSF14/ISO6509 testing
    • New material properties testing (tensile ASTM E8, stress relaxation ASTM 2991)
    • Degraded material properties testing (tensile ASTM E8)
  •          CPVC plumbing system analysis
    • ASTM D2846 Flattening tests
    • Elbow stress tests
    • Fracture analysis
    • FTIR analysis
    • Rheological Testing
    • Shower valve/cartridge failure analysis, testing, and simulations
  •          Tempering/Mixing Valve failure analysis
  •          KITEC IPEX plumbing analysis
  •          Plumbing rubber degradation analysis (ASTM 6284, ASTM 2240)
  •          Failure analysis of failed brass tub valve stem
  •          Failure analysis of plastic PEX fitting
  •          Failure analysis of failed brass faucet valve stem
  •          Failure analysis of fitting solder joint failure on copper supply manifold
  •          Clamshell Dredger failure analysis
  •          Surface coating inspection of steel shelter
  •          Bulk Raw Food tanker filter failure analysis
  •          Marine engine piston failure analysis
  •          Hospital boiler failure analysis
  •          Telehandler hydraulic line failure analysis
  •          Telehandler boom weld failure analysis
  •          Hydroelectric plant Pelton Wheel generator distributer pipe cast iron failure analysis
    • Project management
    • Application and use of over 50 strain gauges (rosette and bi-axial)
    • Pressure testing
    • Metrology (laser tracking and digital photogrammetry)
    • Bolt torque measurements
    • Temperature effects
    • FEA analysis
  •          Inclined conveyer belt backstop (sprag clutch) failure analysis
  •          Acrylic jellyfish aquarium tank joint failure analysis
    • Tensile testing
    • Fractography
  •          PVC plumbing end cap failure
  •          Balcony glass rupture failure analysis
  •          Stainless steel paddle whey dryer fracture failure analysis
  •          Cement plant 430 ton ball mill bearing and lubrication failure analysis
  •          Cement plant raw material roller mill roll fracture failure analysis
  •          Cement plant raw material roller mill gear tooth failure analysis
  •          Cement plant finish roller mill gear box failure analysis
  •          Gold mine sagg mill bull gear tooth crack failure analysis
  •          28,000 ton forging press cylinder failure analysis
  •          40,000 ton forging press cylinder failure analysis
  •          Apple product drying roller chrome plating failure analysis
  •          Rock crusher failure analysis

Registered Mechanical Engineer EIT, State of Washington, #32463

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, 2012
Associates of Science; Pierce College 2010

Papers/Special Projects: 

-Carbon fiber composite, hemispherical pressure vessel design and production.  Carbon fiber composite sheets cut into chips and spread evenly and randomly in a compression mold.  The mold cured under heat and pressure in a hot press.

-Research and paper written on corrosion of bio-medical implants, such as hip or knee replacements.


Sunday School Teacher 1st-5th Grade; prepare lessons, work with other volunteers;

Golfing, Hunting, Equestrian, Hiking, etc