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Steve Maddox-Operations Manager

2013 to Present

Steve Maddox is Kent Engineering's Operations Manager which covers both front and back office duties. Steve's role covers anywhere from scheduling and project oversight to being the main point of contact for clients to filling in as a technician where needed. Steve's background is in telecommunications where he worked for 10 years in various sales and operations roles for a major carrier. In his time off Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids and getting into the outdoors whenever possible. 


 Derek J. Bohn - Operations Manager and Senior Inspector  

 Derek offers a wide range of certified crane and heavy equipment inspection  and trouble shooting experience to Kent Crane Inspection Services. Along with a  foundation of diesel and industrial technology education, he brings twelve years of  crane  related inspection experience for all maritime, construction, and Fed OSHA  lifting  equipment. Derek also holds Washington State specific certifications for  construction and maritime Cranes. He spends his free time with his family or playing  hockey.


David Harlson - Certified Crane Inspector 

2009 to Present

David Harlson brings over 30 years in the crane manufacturing and inspection business to Kent Crane Inspection. He began his career in the crane industry in mechanical fitting and steel fabrication as a shop clerk for a production company in Washington State.  From the manufacturing sector David became a state and federally certified crane inspector and began inspecting and load testing all types of tower, mobile and overhead cranes in naval shipyards, refineries and nuclear facilities throughout the Northwest United States. Throughout his career David has worked on cranes for the US Navy, US Department of Energy and Boeing, among many others.  David’s extensive knowledge of the manufacturing, operation and inspection aspects of the crane industry gives Kent Crane Inspection a dynamic edge on a wide variety of jobs.  In his spare time David enjoys building tube guitar amplifiers from scratch, hiking, fly fishing and music.



Dave Huck-Metallurgical Technician & Project Manager

Dave works on projects ranging from onsite extractions and documentation, to performing metallographic lab examination using a variety of tools and microscopy analysis equipment.  Dave’s background is in engine mechanics working on classic cars to large diesel engines.  In his spare time you can see him working on his classic 56 Chevy 2 door wagon, working with youth at his church and working as a leader/mentor during seasonal retreats for teens.



Richard West-Forensic Technician
2012 to Present 

Dick West is a technician, project manager and analyst for Kent Engineering.  He joined us in 2011 and has worked in the field and the lab on projects ranging from kitchen appliances to boilers to weldments.  His background is in business management and tool design and fabrication, including heat treatments and materials applications.  When Dick is not at Kent Engineering, he enjoys playing racquetball, golf and going fly- fishing in his spare time.



Larry Bretz-Forensic Technician

Larry is a forensic technician in charge of building and designing test apparatus needed for different products. He also Investigates failures and assists in determining the cause of the failure along with potential damage to surrounding equipment or structures. Larry is an expert in welding procedures and investigates weld failures using both mag and dye penetrant. Larry supervises and documents extraction of evidence as needed in construction related investigations as well as conducts examinations of evidence in KE lab with engineers and legal representatives for all parties present.



Dan Fabrizio-Forensic Videographer

In addition to his duties as a forensic videographer for Kent Engineering he is the owner of Dogwood Media Productions, a multi-dimensional production company that specializes in producing promotional and instructional video productions for corporate clients. DMP is also expanding to include video depositions, day-in-the-life and video settlement videos.